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Acorn House College

Principal - Dr Francis Choi​

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Acorn House College is a leading private Sixth Form and GCSE College in Southall, West London with a particular focus on the Sciences. They are committed to supporting each individual throughout their time at the school to secure a place in a fulfilling course at a top university.

Acorn House produces excellent examination results – both at an absolute level of achievement and in comparison to other colleges in West London. Moreover, we have a long history of maintaining a consistent performance year-on-year, knowing how to encourage each student to perform at their best. Particular highlights of our results last year include the average point score per student at GCSE level, and the Value Added Score in progress from GCSE to A Level, both of which were highly competitive in 2014.

Principal - Dr Francis Choi

Southall, West London


  • 1 Year Programme

  • 2 year programme

.A Levels

  • 1 Year Programme

  • 2 year programme

  • 18 months Programme



.External Exam Candidates
.Medical Sciences Program (BMAT & UKCAT)

Schools & Colleges

  • Abbey DLD College – Cambridge, London, Manchester

  • Acorn House

  • Ashbourne Independent College

  • Cambridge Centre for 6th form Studies

  • Caterham School

  • ​Chelsea Independent College

  • Duff Miller

  • Lansdowne College

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