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Duff Miller Sixth Form College in London we strive to create an environment which inspires our students and gives them the confidence and enthusiasm to achieve the best possible results. Our tuition is based on the demands of students’ exams and closely tailored to the specific needs of the individual.

The traditional values which have been central to this London sixth form college’s success for more than 60 years are still relevant today as we enable our students to become involved, focused and independent learners. The sense of community at the college is stronger than ever and perfectly illustrated by the excellent rapport that exists between all staff and students.

We encourage critical thinking and successful learning habits to ensure that all our students achieve their full academic potential, in order to maximise exam results and so increase undergraduate opportunities. The staff at our top London sixth form college provides expert guidance to facilitate students’ entry to leading universities, both in the UK and abroad.

More than 50% of our staff graduated from a top 10 university. Friendly and approachable, they are always on hand to answer students’ questions or provide guidance and reassurance. Our staff room has an open-door policy, meaning that teachers and students frequently continue classroom discussions outside of lessons.

At Duff Miller Sixth Form College we pride ourselves on the outstanding results achieved year after year by our students. 2015 was another wonderful year for Duff Miller A-Level students, who not only excelled themselves in the exam results they achieved, but subsequently gained places on the most competitive degree courses at the most sought after universities.