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Educational Tours For International Students

At EduGuard we understand the difficulties experienced by international students in transitioning and getting settled in once the decision has been made to continue their studies abroad. Coming to terms with school life in a new country with many cultural differences can be daunting. So with this in mind we organise and collaborate with well-established reputable educational institutions to offer summer programmes to both home and international students to help them experience what life will be like before they finally start their academic studies.

The programmes are designed to prepare students for studying in the UK or as enrichment programmes and range from educational subject areas, cultural and social programmes including Leadership and Business camps. Students will experience life in a boarding environment and meet other students from all over the world.

We Offer Educational Summer Programmes In:

  • Medicine

  • Architecture

  • Business & Finance

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Travel Tourism & Hospitality

  • Music & Performing Arts

  • Youth Leadership

  • International Relations

  • Law & Politics

List Of Current Available Programmes:

  • Arts & Design – Academic Summer Programme

  • Business & Finance – Academic Summer Programme

  • Engineering & IT – Academic Summer Programme

  • English Language Summer School for International Students

  • Global Young Leaders – Summer Programme

  • International Business & Management Programme

  • International Relations & Politics Programme

  • International Relations – Summer School (UK)

  • Law, Politics International Relations

  • Medicine – Academic Summer Programme- The Residential Intensive Musical Theatre Course

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Schools & Colleges

  • Abbey DLD College – Cambridge, London, Manchester

  • Acorn House

  • Ashbourne Independent College

  • Cambridge Centre for 6th form Studies

  • Caterham School

  • ​Chelsea Independent College

  • Duff Miller

  • Lansdowne College

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We provide high class educational services for International students who are planning to continue their studies in the UK.
If you require assistance with applying for a top UK school, finding accommodation, Guardianship services , or you are interested in Educational Tours – EduGuard is at your service.

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