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Guardianship Programme For International Students

UK Law mandates that each child under the age of 18 who receiving full-time education in the UK must have a designated Guardian in the UK. Therefore International parents (living outside the UK) will need to appoint a guardian locally who can accept legal responsibility for the child and also has the power to take decisions regarding emergency medical treatment as well as registering the child with a local family doctor.

EduGuard offers education guardianship services to international students studying in the UK. Our guardians act in a supervisory role for children studying in the UK when their parents are not in the same country. The schools require someone that they can contact who knows the child, speaks English and completely understands the school system as well as the culture in the UK. We provide professional personal services that are aimed at giving you and your child peace of mind whilst studying in the UK.

We pride ourselves in being trustworthy and reliable independent experienced guardianship provider who are legally registered to provide these services.

Key Points of EduGuard Guardianship

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About Eduguard Specialised Guardianship Programme in the UK

We feel that to ensure a successful education each overseas student should have a guardian, especially if they are under the age of 18. This guardian will be responsible for a variety of things to help support the students.

Guardianship services can vary in quality and substance and we have noticed that in many cases organisations offering guardianship services have operated a “tick box” mentality rather than going that “extra mile” to ensure that students are looked after carefully in the UK.

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